With Love, Chicago

“Second City on paper, first in your heart.” I laughed when Chad Runge made that comment about his beloved city, Chicago. He was in New York a couple of weeks ago vacationing and started to talk trash about how much better Chicago is to NYC. Not sure where I stand with that comparison. Tracy and I spent our honeymoon walking the streets of Manhattan. Memories of her and I hitting up Jazz Clubs till 1am and walking hand in hand in Central Park will always be with me…

Memories aside, we’re in the Windy City right now with a team of 20 Young Professionals from our church in Jacksonville. It’s spectacular here. The energy and life in America’s third largest city is infectious. As beautiful as this city is we don’t have a lot of time to sit back and enjoy the scenery. We’re on a mission. Our team is here to share the good news, that a loving God cares for them so much that He gave His best so they might have a chance to have a rich and vibrant relationship with Him. We’re focusing on reaching college students and young professionals to help build two new Every Nation Churches in the city.

We flew in Saturday afternoon and got right to work on Sunday. After church, we spent two hours at DePaul Unviersity randomly walking up to college students and engaging them in conversation to see where they stood in their beliefs. It was incredible. Adam Moorhead and I led three students to Jesus! Our team had incredible conversations with the students there. We were blown away with what happened on Sunday.

Its hard to describe what it feels like to lead someone to Jesus. What its like to present the gospel to a total stranger and watch before your very eyes the Holy Spirit convict them of their sin. It brings tears to my eyes when I watch their countenance change as they begin to experience the radical love the Father longs to bestow on his children. I’m so thankful to be used by God to bring light and love to the people of this great city.

Please pray for us. We’ve got a busy schedule ahead of us. We’re doing a service project on the Northside, a young professionals gathering on Thursday, and two Canvas Live (a night of live music, spoken word, and poetry) events at two different locations tomorrow and Friday. We secured, arguably, the coolest Starbucks in the city for our Canvas Live event on Friday. We’re praying that it’s packed with hundreds of college students and young professionals. We do this to connect these people to the churches we’re helping. God loves the Windy City. I’m thankful to be here.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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