Riches to Rags

The last chapter of the book of Jeremiah paints a pretty bleak picture of the people of Jerusalem. The nation of Judah had rebelled against God. They committed terrible acts in the eyes of the Lord. One of the more detestable sins they practiced was child sacrifice to the pagan god, Molech. They (Hebrew parents) would give their children to pagan priest, who would throw the child into a blazing fire. The Hebrew parents would watch as their child was being burned alive and hope they secured some make believe blessing from an imaginary pagan god…And we wonder why God punished them. The Lord eventually sent the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar.

The Babylonians broke up the bronze pillars in front of the Lord’s Temple, the bronze water carts, and the great bronze basin called the Sea, and they carried all the bronze away to Babylon…these things had been made for the Lord’s Temple in the days of King Solomon.

Jeremiah 52:17,20

I studied this yesterday and the Lord spoke to me when I read the passage above. I stopped and started to think about how that passage is applicable to modern-day life. What is God saying when he described how the beautiful artifacts in the Temple we’re carried off to Babylon?

These two scriptures in the last chapter of Jeremiah speak to the consequences of unrepentant sin. We find out what happens when there is a continuous pattern of disobedience in a person’s life. God designed us to reflect His glory. He wants us to be holy, set apart, special, God-like (see 1 Peter 1:16). We we’re made to sparkle and shine like He does. God is the author of creativity and originality. What He makes is beautiful, but the virus of sin taints the beauty of what He created.

When we consistently disobey His commands and fall into a continued practice of sin we are at risk of a self-imposed exile. Let me qualify what I just wrote. I’m not saying that when we (Christians) continue to sin we are going to hell. What I’m saying is when there is a continued practice of unrepentant sin we lose the beauty of God’s original design in us. The treasure that He has put inside of us, figuratively, is carried away to Babylon.

In a spiritual sense, Babylon essentially represents sin and corruption. The beauty that God created in us is meant for Him; meant for His glory. But when sin is present, that beautiful treasure, that bronze that was made for the Lord, is carried off to a place that does not appreciate, value, or understand the significance of God’s original design.

I see this often with men today. God created men to be strong and confident. We start the initial pursuit towards a romantic relationship with a woman. We are called to be the leaders of our household; to blaze new trails and adventures in life. However, millions men are addicted to sexually immoral habits. When they continue in the practice of this sin they lose the confidence, strength, and leadership that the Lord originally designed in them. Men who struggle in this area walk through life timid and insecure. Their disobedience and shame robs them of the masculinity that God birthed in them. They live life in a shell, evasive, and afraid to step in to the adventure that the Lord wants them to take.

We must not lose the beauty that God has created in us and intended for His glory to Babylon. Make sure God’s riches aren’t turned to rags because of continued disobedience. God says in His word to be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Remember that our Father created you to sparkle. Don’t let unrepentant sin rob you of the beautiful life God intends for you to live.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.

(Props to Kyle Johnson on the title)


2 thoughts on “Riches to Rags

  1. Babe I am so proud of you for writing these blogs so faithfully. I love reading them every week and I love how you live your life for Jesus! I’m so thankful for you Harold Dorrell Briscoe. You are my best friend and I think the world of you!! I am so proud to be your wife!!

  2. I read this article in quiet time. To me it is your best blog so far. (Not that the others weren’t great) this one was just really Good. Keep these coming . They are very edifying and a blessing

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