MAN GROUP: The Power of Unity


Tonight is the last night. The last MAN GROUP meeting of the summer. One might ask, “What is Man Group?” Man group is my Tuesday night life group that meets at Barnes and Noble at 7:30pm. The group started in February of this year with five guys. We now have over 32 guys in the group and average around 17-20 guys every week. Its always exciting to see 15-20 something guys outside of Barnes and Nobles meeting, praying, and talking about the Kingdom of God. People walk by all the time, stop, stare, and leave with a dumbfounded expression as they see a bunch of men with their bibles out talking about Jesus.

Revival broke out in our group around April of this year. Guy after guy caught fire and started living passionately for Jesus Christ. Over the past five months 12 men have surrendered their lives to Jesus in our group! I’ve never seen anything like it. Guys would come to group for the first time, not saved, and by the end of the group would be so impacted by the gospel and the passion of the other men that they would end up giving their hearts to Jesus.

The number of men getting saved is incredible, but what amazes me is the fact that five guys in the group are currently discipling eight other guys in the group. Many of the men started to feel an overwhelming responsibility to be their brother’s keeper. Accountability was taken to another level as the guys became resolute in taking responsibility for each other’s spiritual growth.

ImageThere have been guys that have fallen off the wagon, but you can’t get down when that happens. I’ve had to deal with this in ministry. Discipleship is very important to me. I long to see people walking in the fullness of Jesus. To know without a shadow of a doubt that they belong to Him. I want people to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. Problem is though, I always feel like there is so much work to be done. Too often I can get overwhelmed with what is wrong with people and not celebrate the small steps they make towards Jesus. I think we have to remember to rejoice when a hard heart grows soft.


There is power when men are on a mission. When men are truly united incredible things happen. We write history. Think of the twelve disciples, the 300 Spartans, the U.S. army during both world wars. Special things happen when men invest in each other and call each other to greatness. I have seen this happen time after time in this life group. It’s changed my outlook on ministry. God has anointed me to be a leader and Pastor, but He doesn’t want me to fight alone.

Personally, man group has helped immensely in lifting heavy burdens off my shoulders. To be transparent with you, it’s easy to feel alone in a position that I have. You are constantly fighting culture, sin, and the works of the enemy. People gossip about you, talk behind your back, and slander what you are trying to build. It’s hard, but I think that is why God gives us covenant relationships to strengthen us when times get hard. It’s far more fun to advance God’s kingdom with brothers at your side who love you and will sacrifice to make sure you walk in the fullness that God intends.


Our group was supposed to stop meeting in May, but the guys got so much life from each other that we decided to keep on meeting throughout the summer. It’s amazing to see the Kingdom mindset take hold of us all. As a group, our mission is to reach other men for Jesus, to see men walking in liberty, freedom, and having the power of sin broken.

Jesus said we will have trouble in this world, but we should have courage because He has overcome the world. He is the example that we follow with tenacity and passion. Its been amazing to see some of the men in this group become free from addictions. We once had 3 guys get saved at one life group meeting! Miracle after miracle…These men have realized the power of walking in unity. They know that they can live an extraordinary life when you have another brother that calls you to repentance, that challenges you, and loves you despite your flaws. We challenge each other to walk in holiness and constantly call each other up to a higher standard in Jesus. Tonight was our last night before we split into two groups. I love these guys and I’m so thankful I get to walk with them throughout my life. Here’s to you, Man Group.


I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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