To the World We GO

ImageThe 2013 Every Nation World Conference is this week! It’s hard to believe that almost ten years ago I was an 18 year old college student in Disney Land (Anaheim, California) at the 2004 World Conference that celebrated ten years of Every Nation Ministries. This year we are celebrating twenty years of ministry as a movement in Disney World (Orlando, Fl). Every Nation is a worldwide movement that seeks to plant churches and campus ministries all over the world. Southpoint Community Church (my home church) is a part of this movement.

This conference is very special for me. David Briscoe, my little brother, is here with us as a new college student at UNF. He gave his heart to Jesus three months ago and is taking off like a rocket spiritually. It’s neat to see him soaking up every bit of this conference. He just moved to Jacksonville on Sunday to attend UNF. It’s blesses my soul to see his hands lifted in worship, tears in his eyes, and his heart so open to Jesus and this new spiritual family he’s been placed in.


It was fitting that Pastor Russ was selected as the first speaker to kick off the conference. He spoke to over a thousand people at the staff/leaders banquet Monday night. He did an amazing job. He talked about the journey Every Nation has been on in the last twenty years. Pastor Russ’ former church in Midland, Texas (Mid Cities Community Church) was one of the 17 flagships churches that originally comprised Every Nation.

Today there over 500 churches spread across the globe in 73 nations. The diversity at the world conference blows my mind. There are Africans, Asians, Europeans, people from different tribes and tongues, walking around the hotel exuding the life of Jesus. They’ve come from all over the world. Seeing them inspires me to dream big and work with insatiable passion to reach Jacksonville for Jesus.

Pastor Russ ended his message last night with three characteristics that have fundamentally made up Every Nation over the last twenty years. The first is that we have always been a people that have big faith. We dream big for Jesus. We may not always know how to do something in the beginning, but we exercise our faith and find a way to get things done in the end. Secondly, radical discipleship has defined our movement from the beginning. It’s not a program that drives us, it’s to see Jesus exalted in every area of our life. If that is to happen, discipleship must take place.

The last characteristic was how this movement has always valued spiritual family. We all desire to belong. It’s an intrinsic need we all have and that Every Nation meets well. It’s what I love so much about this group. I have brothers and sisters all around the world that have same DNA and value system. I’m grateful to be on a mission with this family and excited what the future holds as we seek to reach for Jesus Every Nation on this planet.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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