Highlights from the World Conference

It’s about time Dorrell let me write an entry on his blog! He’s been blogging every week for over a half a year and has been telling me for months that he wants me to be a guest blogger. Oh well, better late than never.

I want to share some things that inspired me from the world conference last week. It’s weird that the conference is over. You get such a high and then all of the sudden its done, kind of sad. We heard from some amazing speakers over the past week.  I decided to breakdown and elaborate more on the powerful points that impacted me from the conference.

The Kingdom of God must be infused in your every day speech.

  • Whispering and gossip is not heavenly language. What comes out of your mouth is from your heart. If it’s bad then you need to check the condition of your heart.
  • When ugly words come out of your mouth it makes you look small. It shrinks your world.
  • When people hear you speak do they hear the accent of heaven? Is your speech seasoned with grace, compassion, and joy?
  • You frame your family with your words. You can build your kids and spouse up or you can shrink them with your words.
  • Tell your husband he is the object of your desire! Hahaha. (Definitely need to use this one on Dorrell) Build your wife up with your words.

Fatherly Affirmation

  •  Luke 3:21-22 is a great passage that shows God the Father affirming God the Son.
  • God wants to affirm His children. He says, “You’re my daughter/son with whom I love with which I am well pleased.”
  • You must know this. You must hear this. You must be confident in this.

LISTEN for the Holy Spirit before speaking or doing.

  • Ask people more questions in your conversation and respond by what you hear the Holy Spirit tell you.

Intrusive Thoughts

  • Take thoughts captive by praying in the spirit when you notice your thoughts judging or seeing bad in people. Don’t dwell or validate those thoughts or speak them. This will keep your heart pure.

10,000 Blogs. 10,000 Podcasts. Few Fathers and Mothers.

  • I want to be a spiritual mother to the next generation. This point made me realize how thankful I am for the spiritual mothers and fathers that have invested in my life.

ImageWe had over thirty Young Professionals at the conference. For many of them it was the first Every Nation World Conference. I’m glad they came. An event like that really expands your world and makes you dream big. Dorrell and I are excited about what Jesus is going to do in the hearts and minds of Young Professionals in Jacksonville. We’re going to dream big and GO!

I’m Tracy Briscoe (blogging for my handsome and amazing husband). Thanks for reading. 🙂

Below is a recap video from the conference:


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