Back to School

I just wanted to say a real quick thanks to all of those who participated in the Back 2 School Supply Drive a couple of weeks ago. The idea of the school supply drive came to me around April of this year. I was sitting in my office, looking at the calendar for the remainder of the year, and started to dream about what we could do to make a difference in our community.

ImageMy best friends, Kyle Johnson and Ryan Austin, go to Ribault Middle School every Thursday to teach students about Godly character, leadership, and integrity. They’ve had success. We’ve had over a dozen students start going to our church. A number of them have given their hearts to Jesus and our growing in their relationship with him.


As I looked at the calendar, I realized that it’d be smart to work together to make a difference instead of trying some shotgun approach to local outreach. That’s where the idea of having a supply drive for the students at Ribault Middle and the Boselli Youth Life Learning Center came from. I talked to Pastor Russ, Pastor Eric, and Ryan about it and they all loved the idea. I ran the idea past the I Serve group (Southpoint’s team for local outreach). We worked together to formulate the most effective way to get school supplies for the students. I contacted the school and got a list of supplies from the Principal. It was decided that we would raise the money and then buy all the supplies in bulk.

We set a goal to raise $7,500. That amount would’ve given 300 students backpacks filled with supplies. The supply drive lasted for five weeks and the support that came in blew my mind. We had hundreds of people that responded to the call to give. I always knew that the people of Southpoint were generous, but I was shocked as person after person came to our table in the Rotunda over the weeks and gave. We received close to $9,000 and were able to give backpacks, filled with school supplies, to over 400 students! We smashed our goal by well over a thousand dollars. It’s was great example of setting a huge goal, having outrageous faith, and watching God move.


In addition to the money we raised, there were over 500 volunteers that packed backpacks (at our packing party), moved, and delivered school supplies to the students. The packing party we had in the youth hall was a blast. The I Serve team did a great job of setting up two assembly lines so people could walk through and fill their backpacks up with supplies that were spread out on tables. We had close to 300 people walk through those assembly lines. It was a special moment for our church.


Delivering those school supplies to the students was special. The students were ecstatic. Seeing the looks of excitement on their faces touched a lot of people in our church. I’ll be posting a short video that chronicles what we did. Again, I wanted to say thanks to you who gave, served, and made this outreach such a great success. Let’s change this city.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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