A Professor at UNF

Ten years ago, I walked on to UNF’s campus as a bright-eyed 17 year old. I didn’t know my butt from a bagel. It was so exciting to be in a new city and embark on a new stage in my life. Today, I’m back on campus at UNF as a professor and like ten years ago, I’m beginning a new season of my life as a husband, dad, and professor.

I absolutely love being a Professor at UNF. When I was getting my master’s degree at Texas A&M University I despised the thought of teaching in college. I thought being a professor was boring. I wanted to dive in to the implementation side of government. Working for different mayors, a congressman, and for the state of Texas has been a blast and a learning experience. I’ve been out of the field for a couple of years since I left Louisiana to be in full-time ministry and I miss it. I plan on being in ministry for a long time, but I still love politics and international relations.

I was wrong about being a professor. Teaching at UNF has provided a great outlet for my continued passion for the political world. It’s an honor to teach beside my former professors, too. It’s funny walking through the halls and seeing them ten years later. They’re good people and I’m thankful for what they taught me. The class I teach has been great. I wanted to teach the American Presidency, but definitely thankful for what I have now.

I teach Introduction to Public Administration on Tuesday and Thursdays. Teaching college students is a lot different than preaching. I can’t spend all my time talking. It’s important to engage the students and get them to participate in class. Participating in class helped me a lot in college and graduate school. The students in my class are great. They come prepared for the lectures and will typically have great discussions.

Public Service is noble and we need men and women of character to believe in their communities, in their states and in their country.

President George H. W. Bush

Being a professor is a dream come true. I have the unique opportunity to influence close to fifty students twice a week. Influence them for good. They need to be responsible, to care for their communities, to do well unto others, to love their neighbor as they would love their own self. I’m excited because I’m not just teaching them the principles of Public Administration. I am trying to teach them how to be successful in their lives.

I am honored and humbled to have this position. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of time to prepare for each lecture. I just pray that the Lord gives me broad shoulders to carry the weight. It’s an exciting new season in the Briscoe household. God is good and a loving father. I’m thankful for the many gifts He has blessed me with. Here’s to you, Intro to Public Administration.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “A Professor at UNF

  1. Babe I’m so proud of you and all that you are doing!! You have a lot on your plate and you just amaze me with your excellence, diligence and energy! I love being on your team!! You are more than I imagined I would ever have in a husband. Thank you for being an amazing man, friend and follower of Jesus! I love being on this adventure with you!! I know Harold Luke is going to be so proud of his daddy! xoxo

  2. I’m so pumped that you’re a professor at your alma mater! Way cool and no better public service than to teach future leaders about true leadership! I have been thinking a lot about orientation week at the Bush School some 8 years ago and one concept has stuck with me that the staff repeated over and over and over–it takes years to build your credibility/reputation and only moments to destroy it. So often we see credibility and reputations destroyed because of one bad move that only took seconds to execute. Often times these integrity destroying actions come from: selfish desire, lack of faith in Christ, feeling abandoned or deserted, not feeling loved, feeling lack, self worth issues, pride, etc. I’m so excited that God has put you in this leadership role to help keep the paths straight of so many young people, who like all of us didn’t and don’t “know my butt from a bagel.” Love you, man!

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