Explosion of Young Professionals


I am completely blown away from last Thursday at our bi-monthly Young Professionals night. We usually have around 130-150 people come out to our service nights. Those are great numbers. Alittle over two years ago we were running around 30-40 people. We had close to 270 young professionals at our service night last Thursday! There was not enough room in the youth hall to hold us all. People were standing up and sitting along the wall. I issued a challenge to 40 YPs to promote this past service on their facebook walls and invite their friends. Well, over 50 responded to the challenge and hyped up the night on their walls.Image
We had so much buzz online that we caught the attention from a marketing site that ranks popular events based on facebook activity. Last Thursday, we were among the top ten events going on in Jacksonville! I was and still am blown away by how much faith and expectation was in the room that night.


We labeled last Thursday’s service “The Big Move” and introduced two new elements to our service. The first change is The Well which is a pre-service set up complete with high-top tables, flat screen TVs, and a sound system. The Well is where we want our people to sign up to get involved and connected with what is going on in our ministry. The second change is The After Party we decided to completely rearrange the normal set up of our Rotunda in our church. We had live music, food trucks, and dancing all downstairs in the Rotunda. It was a great way to celebrate all what God is doing in our ministry.

ImageI talked to the group briefly on how God wants to take us from being ordinary to extraordinary. I told our young professionals that we must strive and be ambitious when it comes to building the Kingdom of God. We must know


God wants to do amazing things with the young professionals of this city. I am so thankful to our YPs that worked hard to hype up the events and bring their friends. Last Thursday, blew all of our minds and stands as a strong testament to what happens when you combine hard work and faith. So excited for the upcoming fall!

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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