I just finished a wonderful biography on Robert Kennedy entitled “His life” by Evan Thomas. Robert (Bobby) Kennedy has always fascinated me. Former President John F. Kennedy generally gets more historical press than his baby brother Bobby, but RFK is one of those enigmatic figures in American history that you can’t help, but wonder what type of president he would’ve become had he not been assassinated. There so much to write about him. A couple things stuck out to me as I was reading Evan Thomas’ biography on him.

Boldness: A willingness to face things head on. RFK took on some tough issues during his time as US attorney general. The nation was on the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, the Civil Rights movement was in full swing, organized crime was rampant in the US. Bobby Kennedy was bold in addressing these issues. He willingly took these issues head on. His courage inspires me to never shrink back from what is hard in life. This world needs leaders who won’t shrink back, who blaze forward with energy, passion, and courage. If we’re going to do anything worthy for the Kingdom of God we must be bold. You can’t be afraid to take on the hard things in life.


Dare to Dream: Bobby Kennedy was a dreamer. After his brother was assassinated Bobby Kennedy really started to develop into his own man.  He dreamed about solving huge societal inequities we had as a nations in the late 1960s. I will never grow tired of preaching about dreaming. I believe that God wants us to dream. I believe that God births dreams in our heart. We should never be afraid to dream.


Energy: Bobby Kennedy had an immense amount of energy. He dealt with national crisis and moved a million miles per hour. One thing that successful leaders need is energy and passion. You need energy to dream and energy to actually work to make those dreams a reality. Reading this biography has challenged me to become more intentional about my health. I’ve always been a night owl, but staying up late and waking up tired and exhausted is not an option when you have a million things to do in the day.

Family: The most insightful thing I learned about Bobby Kennedy was his love and concern for family. He sacrificed his political career to make his brother (JFK) great. He helped President Kennedy in his Senatorial bid in 1952, his presidential bid in 1960, and stayed on during his brother’s administration as Attorney General. The book talked about the long arduous journey he took to find his own identity as a leader after his brother was assassinated. It was difficult for years to grow in to his own leadership because he had given everything for his family.


History can teach us many things. We can learn so much from great figures and leaders of the past. Bobby Kennedy went through a lot of pain and tragedy before he was assassinated in 1968. His life inspires me to push past the status quo and excuses that I make for myself and to jump head first into the challenges that life throws at me. I would encourage you to read his story. It’s a fascinating tale of a great American figure.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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