Life with Luke


Harold Luke Briscoe turned 3 months old last week. He smiles all the time, especially in the morning. About a week ago he started to rollover by himself. It’s really funny because he rolls over on his stomach but doesn’t know how to roll back over on his back (my little inverse turtle). I find myself wanting to race home during my lunch break to see him and hold him. I never thought life could be so wonderful having a child of my own.

The last three months of my life (this quarter) have been amazing. Life with Luke is filled with adjustments. I’ve been learning so much and not just about parenthood, but about my marriage and myself.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that life with Luke has made my marriage stronger. Tracy and I are on a mission together to give that boy everything he needs to succeed in life. We are learning to make sacrifices and to stop thinking so much about ourselves and our ministry.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having Luke right at my side looking at me. When I open my eyes he starts to smile. Tracy usually puts him in our bed when she wakes up in the morning. I feel like I’m in the busiest time of my life right now. It’s easy to get stressed, but having Luke really puts things into perspective because I guess I see the big picture. I can’t get so burned out by minute details and lose sight of the larger picture which is train my son to be one of the mightiest men in his generation.

It is challenging being a new parent and juggling all what we have. I feel like I am being stretched beyond capacity at times. It’s hard, but having Luke brings me a joy beyond belief. I love my GOO GEE Bear and I’m so thankful that I get to raise him with Tracy. I just love how she mothers him. I love how she looks at him with eyes of delight. God is so good.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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