“I love you so much babe! And I thoroughly enjoyed the last two days with you. Thanks for making life so fun for me and Luke.. everything truly is better with you around. And thanks for finding my Bible!! Kiss kiss!”
– Tracy

Messages like those fill my inbox throughout the week. I hate to say this but sometimes I almost can take it for granted. Tracy is the most encouraging and loving person I’ve ever met.

I’ve never met anyone with so much optimism and kindness. It makes sense because her number one strength according to strength finders is positivity. She just doesn’t stay down for very long. Jesus has done too much in our lives for her to stay down.

Tracy is the best teammate I could’ve ever asked for. To be honest, I always wanted my life partner to be my teammate. Someone who I work closely with in my profession. Tracy and I started our relationship by working together. Thanks to her, I got a job at Southpoint Community Church. She is the one that started The Young Professionals group in 2008.

When I first moved back to Jacksonville 2011 and started working at the church, I noticed how much I enjoyed working with Tracy. She is smart, vivacious, and strong-willed. She exudes passion and hope. And my goodness is she a believer. It’s always fun to see her get fired up, her eyes widened, her fist clinched, and voice raise when she talks about a particular subject that means a lot to her. I’ve learned to just nod my head and agree when she gets fired up about those particular subjects. You just can’t win.

I am so thankful for my wife. I’m thankful for her love. I’m thankful for her friendship. I’m thankful for the type of mother she is. I’m thankful for the type of friend she is to others. My future is bright because I married the wisest woman I have ever met.

She stands by my side day in and day out. God has truly blessed Luke and I by giving us a woman who is strong and loving. I love you, Tracy.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “MY WIFE. MY LOVE. MY BEST FRIEND.

  1. Babe this is so sweet! Literally brought tears to my eyes. You really do make it easy to be a great wife and a good encourager. I love you so much and I’m so thankful for all your love and encouragement!

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