How to Accomplish Your Dreams

I got the privilege of speaking at Raines High School yesterday. I talked to the students yesterday about dreaming; not just dreaming, but accomplishing their dreams. Raines is a predominately black school in the inner city. I don’t know the graduation rate or the percentage of students going to college, but I’ve worked with inner city school and in the inner city. Many schools and neighborhoods in the inner city struggle with hopelessness. Hopelessness because the devil is really good at killing our dreams and keeping our Godly aspirations in a perpetual state of decline.

I felt that the students needed more than encouragement to dream big. I mean, how many times have they heard, I Have a Dream by MLK. I wanted to give them some practical points that could steer them in the right direction towards their dreams. God births beautiful dreams in all of us. We have to decide how and when to act on them to make them a reality.

Here is a recap:

Believe in How Big Your God Is: God is powerful. He is big and He loves you. You need to realize how much your Father loves you and wants to see His purposes fulfilled in your life. We can focus on how big our problems are and forget how BIG God is.

Get Around Like-Minded People: I’ll always be thankful for my high school cross country. The kids on that team were smart. Most of them were in our school’s International Baccalaureate.  The question for them wasn’t “will I go to college?” It was “which ivy league school would I best flourish at?” Just being around those kids motivated me to be a better student. Get around people that have a vision for their life and our serious about working hard to see that vision come to pass.

Be Stubborn: Don’t take no for an answer. Be assertive with what you want. Don’t back down because you run into obstacles. Refuse to give up.

Start Small: God does not despise small beginnings. You’ve got to start somewhere in your dreams. You’ve got to take the first step. Sometimes people don’t start to work toward their dreams because they’re trying to accomplish so much so soon (take your time).

Don’t Let Other People Re-Define Your Dream: Ask the Holy Spirit for clarity. When He gives you a vision for your life hold on to it. Quietly store it away. Be careful that you don’t broadcast to everyone and their momma about what God is calling you to do. Listen to people, but don’t let them completely change your God-given dream because they have a certain perception of you and what they you can do.

Hope a little bit of this helps you.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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