A Blog from Tracy “The Last Six Months”



We’re at the hospital waiting for Tracy to get out of surgery. Been a crazy and scary day. All is well. God is sovereign and He is for us! Ironically, Tracy blogged about life yesterday and wanted to post what she wrote today. Below is what she wrote…

The last six months….

Today is our son’s 6 month birthday.  He has 4 teeth, is starting to crawl, is cooing more and more and smiles all the time. We are so amazed at how much we love him.  He is a JOY!

The emotions of being a new mom have been overwhelming.  There have been some really hard days and some really amazing days!  It has been the biggest adjustment in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Its been really great for our marriage and it’s been a source of great growth for our marriage.   Here are some things during this season that I am so thankful for :

My relationship with Jesus.  I am thankful that I learned the discipline and the delight of getting up and seeking Jesus daily.  It has been my number one source of strength, hope and encouragement.

My husband.  I’m thankful I have a man who loves Jesus and pursues Him daily.  A man who is so in love with Jesus that sin is not attractive to him.  A man who values a close relationship with Jesus so much and is willing to lay down everything else that would get in the way of his relationship with Jesus.  I am also thankful for the other men he has in life to walk with him through this season of life too.

My mom.  She has done so much to cheer me on as a new mom, to love and encourage me, to teach me and just be there until I figured out the lessons of each day and each week.  I am so thankful for her and her love since the day I was born. I am very lucky to call her mom.

Family (including spiritual) and Friends. I have been overwhelmed with love, encouragement, prayers, advice, meals, gifts, errands etc. from the people in my life.  I am so thankful to have  people who I can experience life’s ups and downs with.  I honestly wish I could list each and every person who has impacted my life in such a powerful way but there are too many and that is my point.  My heart is absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude.   Other than immediate family and a few childhood friends the majority of this love comes from the relationships through my church family (Southpoint Community Church).  I am so thankful for the 11 years of being a part of SCC.  I am thankful I have history there, I have roots there.  I have family there.

I am adjusting to my “new normal” and I love it.  I wouldn’t change it.  I am thankful.  I am excited.  I know this new normal will change as Luke gets older and other factors change in our lives and we will be adjusting again.  That’s life isn’t it?   In every season I choose to seek Jesus and depend on Him to shape my perspective and give me the ability to be all that He intended for me to be.  As I seek Him, I know that He will produce in me all that I need to love my husband, love my children, family and friends and to share His love and truth with others. I guess if I summed up this blog I am really just thankful for the relationships I have in my life.  Life does not make sense without them.



2 thoughts on “A Blog from Tracy “The Last Six Months”

  1. And dear Tracy, my life has been enriched by the first time we met at church and being a part of your new beginning as a Christ follower. You truly are a Jesus freak and that has kept me full watching your growth. So very proud of you. Love you and your awesome family. Prayers from me will continue for ya’ll until my last breath.
    God is good.

  2. I am so blessed to have met both of you. God is doing a great work in both of you. You are radical for Christ and doing his will.

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