Mountain Mode (Our First Family Vacation)


Words can’t describe how good it feels to be back up in the mountains. It’s been almost a year since our last vacation. Tracy and I are starting to realize the importance of getting away and seeking God in a different way than our normal routine.

Last year we went to Asheville and had a quaint cabin on the side of the mountain. This year it’s great to be in Highlands, North Carolina at the Parham’s cabin.


Vacation this year looks a lot different than last. We have a six-month-old crawling around the cabin getting into everything. Actually, Luke has been a really good baby. It has been a joy seeing him discover new things and walk the trails with us. Luke and I went on a prayer walk today and saw a Woodpecker and a Fox! Luke wasn’t very impressed with either animal. He was more concerned with putting his blanket in his mouth. I had never seen a Fox before so I was pretty excited. I always forget how tranquil and quiet it is up here. We’re just not used to the silence, but we love it.

Nights have been relaxing as we make meals together, sit on the porch, talk, and get a fire going. We love watching the little lightning bugs fly around as the evening sets in.

Tracy loves her mornings out on the porch, coffee in hand, with her Bible and journal and sit in the peace and quiet.She’s always running in the cabin telling me her revelation from God.  I just politely nod my head and smile. I honestly really love that about her. She gets so passionate when she talks.



I’ve been running on some gorgeous roads. Went for a wonderful six miler on a beautiful winding road yesterday. Running has always helped to clear my mind. I feel the presence of God when I do it. Running in the mountains is one of the most relaxing activities to me. Relaxing from a mental standpoint; difficult from a physical standpoint. I always forget how difficult it is to run hills.

Tracy and I are enjoying reflecting on the goodness of God in the stillness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His unfailing love and compassion never fails!

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Mountain Mode (Our First Family Vacation)

  1. I am the same way in nature. It only takes me a few deep breaths and suddenly God is speaking everywhere and it’s loud yet strangely peaceful. Will pray for a wonderful time (as it sounds it’s been)

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