wildflower 2

In honor of throwback Thursday I’m posting a blog I wrote nearly six years ago when I was living in Texas. (I was going through a pretty hard time in my life)

“The wildflowers are almost full bloom. God Bless Texas.”

-Jon Greer

Its rather ironic that I got that text. Such a simple message about nature and Texas pride, but so meaningful to me now. At the time, I didn’t see the significance behind it. Who knew Jon Greer was being prophetic? You see, I received that text at exactly the same moment I was looking at wildflowers myself. I was driving on Texas 6, headin to Houston for the weekend to see family. I had to get out of town. I wasn’t doing so hot at the time. It was March and the wildflowers were almost full bloom…Spring was here and although the season is synonymous with new beginnings it didn’t feel that way for me. Emotionally, I was still in January. In my life everything was cold. Dead. It was winter in my world. I think back to that time and remember how, January started slow…the coldest winds and the deepest snow.

The wildflowers looked beautiful as I passed patches of them on the highway and as I thought of Greer’s text, I longed for spring in my life. Everything that I was so sure of at one point was falling apart right before my very eyes. I just couldn’t understand the Lord’s reasoning that I should suffer this way. “Why me, Lord?” “Why this?” Are questions I found myself asking Him more often than not. The nights were so long. Things were still and quiet. A lack of life is perhaps the best way I can describe it.

There was a plan for it though…there always is, isn’t there? I should have known. I read that simple text and I wonder now if God was speaking to me through it. Trying to tell me something…To hold on. To suffer well. To not give up. I know. I know…foolish right? but I can’t help but wonder if God spoke through Jon in that simple way. I didn’t see it then, but its clear now. I guess that text that I received so long ago by a dear friend reminds me that although it may be cold. Although you may feel that its winter in your world…God operates in a different hemisphere. To us it may be winter and we may feel gloom, but to God, the sun is shining, the weather is warm and the wildflowers are almost full bloom.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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