SWAG: She Wants A Gentleman

swag 2

Thursday night was a fantastic start to our SWAG series. Thanks for all the encouragement with the message. Sorry I wasn’t able to get to all ten points. I promised to blog on the last two so here they are. On Thursday, we covered  two passages of Scripture (Song of Solomon 1:1-4 and Matthew 1:18-25)  and pulled out eight qualities that a true gentleman should possess.

Truthfully, there are dozens of qualities that can be drawn from Scripture, but I think these ten should be good starting points for you men out there. Ladies, make sure you study your notes from YP and pray through what you wrote down. If you have your eye on a guy, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you qualities that you know you must have in a future mate.

The last two qualities that I believe a Godly man should have can be found in the book of Acts.

Quality 9: Full of the Holy Spirit

Barnabas was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and strong in faith. And many people were brought to the Lord.”

Acts 11:24

Barnabas was a good man…this particular Scripture proceeds to tells us that he was a man that was full of the Holy Spirit. Ladies, there is nothing like a man who is full of the Holy Spirit. He has an edge to him. If he finds himself in a low point he is quick to seek the Lord to find refreshment and direction. Life can be difficult.

You want a man that is led by the Holy Spirit. If he is led by the Lord then he will lead you in the right direction. You want a man that hears the voice of God. Because when times are dark and you find your family in the wilderness, the true gentleman will be led by the Spirit of God. It’s hard to be led by the Holy Spirit when you don’t acknowledge or submit to Him.

You need a man who the Spirit of God is rushing in on (like it did a young David). You don’t want a man that has an emotional experience at a Church service once a year, but sits around like a piece of squash for the remainder of the fifty one weeks. He should walk in holiness and the Spirit of God should continually rush into his world. Remember, talent won’t change the world; only people who are moved and full of the Spirit of God.

Quality 10: Encourager

“When Saul (Paul) arrived in Jerusalem, he tried to meet with the believers, but they were all afraid of him. They did not believe he had truly become a believer! Then Barnabas brought him to the apostles and told them how Saul had seen the Lord on the way to Damascus and how the Lord had spoken to Saul. He also told them that Saul had preached boldly in the name of Jesus in Damascus.”

Acts 9:26-27

The early Church was terrified of Paul. He was responsible for the imprisonment and death of many who followed Jesus. His (past) murderous threats were still very much a reality to the apostles. I love what Barnabas does here. He sticks his neck out for Paul and vouches for the genuineness of Paul’s testimony.

This was HUGE! Barnabas did not have to do this, but this enormous act of encouragement provided a necessary link between Paul and the fulfillment of his calling. Barnabas opened the door for Paul to be accepted and discipled by the apostles which was imperative for the calling that God had on his life. The name Barnabas means “Son of encouragement.” Regardless of the baggage or failure from the past, Barnabas was there constantly encouraging.

Ladies, you want an encourager! Your life should amplify under his covering. I encourage Tracy all the time to pursue the calling and gifting that God has given her. When she gets insecure about how she looks or discouraged about a girl she is discipling I always try to step in and encourage her. Ladies you NEED a man who, instead of being consumed with himself, is constantly looking for opportunities to encourage you.

Men you need to be better encouragers. You must be intentional with this. It is not easy because it forces you to stop thinking about yourself. This is a quality that needs to be cultivated in men today. I’m confident that as men become better encouragers their friendships with other men will be stronger and they’ll be attractive to the right girl in the right time.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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