SWAG: She Wants A Gentleman (Eight Qualities)

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I’ve been meaning to post the first eight qualities of a gentleman for quite some time. Here you go! I’m looking forward to preaching together with my wife tomorrow about characteristics of a lovely lady.

Quality 1: Begins With A Voice

A gentleman begins with an introduction of his voice. He is able to set aside external beauty for a moment because he realizes that attraction is more than just physical. The Godly man wants a spiritually and emotionally attractive girl.His intent is to hear what a women is saying. The Bible says that out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks. What is inside of her will come out. If you don’t know what’s in her heart how can you ever have any true love with her?

Quality 2 Intentional with His Pursuit. 

How is he around other woman? Is he really touchy feely? Always around other girls. If he is flirting with a bunch of other women. His job is to pursue you and be clear and intentional about it…a true gentleman does not dangle emotional carrot sticks in front of you and hope that you bite. There are guys out there that will pursue just enough to satisfy an emotional deficit they have. Once they fill it they’ll be on to the next thing. Ladies, you want a man that is not bouncing from girl to girl, but is intentional about pursuing you.

Quality 3 Reputation

Does he have a reputation of being godly?  Does the leadership of the church know who this man is? Is he accountable? What is his reputation? Does he pay his bills? Ladies you don’t want Don Juan or Mr. Smooth. You want Mr. Character. A man with a good reputation. Men, you need to know that  your name is the sum of your character. Your name will be known by the character that backs it up. Ladies, you better find a man with a good name because you’re going to take that name as your last name if you decide to marry him. Unfortunately, I have seen women get desperate and start overlooking character issues such as: pride, arrogance, temper, etc. They’ll justify it by saying, “Well, I’d rather have somebody than nobody” WRONG. You would do better to be single and have Jesus as your man than to have some goofed up stray dog that is sniffin around every tree, eating your food, taking your money, and driving your car.

Quality 4 Purposeful

What are his dreams? And is God anywhere in them? Is he able to articulate his God-given assignment? Whatever that is you will be tied to it if you marry him. God is intentional. From the complexity of our emotions, to the intricate composition of our body AND a gentleman should be too. He’ll be intentional in being romantic, he’ll be intentional in being attentive. A true gentleman has a vision to lead: with long-term thinking, the gentleman leads with the realization his actions today will affect his life and others in the future. He is purposeful and has a desire to advance culturewhen he leaves the world, it will be a better place.

Quality 5 Selfless

A Godly man is quick to forgive because he is selfless. Because you were forgiven. You decide ahead of time you forgive. You don’t decide to forgive on a case to case basis. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t hold bitterness. Stop thinking so much about yourself.

Quality 6 Obedient:

He is obedient to the word of God and the authority of Christ in his life. He’s a man of faith. If you can’t be obedient to the things of God as a single man you will never be able to lead your family in the things of God when you’re married. Don’t say one day I will be faithful. One day I will be selfless. You need to work on being the man that God wants you to be right now.

Quality 7 Self Control

A good man knows how to control his passions. He is able to set boundaries, be accountable, and use wisdom. There should be no outburst of anger. A good man is someone who has a control on his temper. Men, you need to get accountable and walk in purity and have dominion over lust in your life. Until you get married and say I do…you DON’T. No defiling of spirit and body. Prostitution. Lust. Sex. Men are running rampant with sexual sin. There are statistics that say 80% of men in America are addicted in some way, shape or form to pornography. Determine to me a gentleman who has great self control!  I’m going to be a good man.

Quality 8 Authority

A good man recognizes the authority he has to release identity on his family. He steps up to the plate to lead his family. That can only happen when he is under authority. Does he honor his parents? Does he honor spiritual authority?

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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