Let’s Win Souls

The Young Professionals just finished up fantastic three week leadership workshop. I talked quite extensively on wholehearted devotion to God, prayer, and discipleship. Because of scheduling I didn’t get a chance to talk a lot about evangelism.

Here are a couple of thoughts: We are called to win souls. No matter what we do in the church, whether you’re a nursery worker, parking lot attendant, Usher, etc. the focus has to be on souls.

Now you need to understand that soul winning is HARD WORK! You will not accidentally win people to the Lord. The devil will fight you over each and every soul. He hates to see anyone submit their life to the Lordship of Christ. The enemy will come against you like you’ve never seen when it comes to soul winning. When you make a decision to boldly go after the lost, you are parking yourself right at Hell’s gate. You have to go to war over souls! You have to get at the feet of Jesus and get God’s heart for the lost. The overarching theme of the Bible is redemption. How are you partnering with God to see redemption in your oikos (sphere of influence)?

It’s imperative to understand that we have to go out there and win souls for Christ. It’s easy to slip into a “come and see mentality” when in reality we are commissioned to go and make. Now there is nothing wrong with having excellence, order, and being proud of your church and wanting people to experience it. God had called us to walk through life with spiritual family.

You need to be proud of your family, but bringing people to church isn’t the Great Commission. It’s certainly a part of it, but there’s more to it than that. You’re going to have to go out there and bring them in. Don’t let the harvest rot! Many choose to stay in the church barn and sip lemonade, while very few choose to go out into the hot fields and work to gather the harvest.

It’s easy to be consumed with ourselves. When that happens you forget the importance of reaching out to other people because you’re so focused on you. We have to have a constant focus on winning people to Christ. We need to keep teaching on evangelism, motivating each other to go out, and pray that God would send more laborers!

One more thing, you need to understand that soul winning will be awkward at times. The story in John 4 ( Jesus and the woman at the well) was awkward because she was a Samaritan and Jesus was a Jew. Also, she was a woman and he was a man. It was very awkward! However, you have to get over your awkwardness. Soul winning is awkward, but you can’t let that prevent you from doing it. Don’t think that every conversation is going to be nice, cool, and smooth.

Don’t try to be super cool or relevant. The gospel is not cool. There’s nothing cool about being tortured and murdered by hanging on a Roman cross. Dying to yourself and crucifying selfish ambition is not cool to do. It is necessary though to have the abundant life that Jesus has promised us. The gospel is the power of God that makes salvation possible. You’re going to have to get out of your cool zone and have compassion for people and their eternal destination.


Pray– prayer releases the BURDEN for souls. Up your time of prayer! Every time you commune with your Heavenly Father, pray that He would send more laborers and that He would give you a passion for reaching the lost.

Equip– the burden for souls demands ACTION. Don’t get hung up on the method. Read some books and listen to podcasts and get fired up!

Preach– at some point, somebody has to SAY SOMETHING. Open your mouth and tell them what God has done in your life!

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe . Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Win Souls

  1. Great content. Love the differentiation between “go and make” and “come and see.” If we are going to really be a “partner” with Jesus in the business of building His Kingdom “doing” the great commission is at the foundation. Love the clarity of the call to “go” and making it real (not easy or always comfortable or cool). If the YP’s reading this get this in “the heart” they will become a force that is not often seen in Western Christianity. Great stuff!!

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