The Fight

The Fight

We have to understand that we are in a fight. We have to get aggressive with the sin that is in our life. It’s time to start winning! To win spiritual battles we have to take a radical stance on holiness. We cannot toe the line and flirt with iniquity. People who flirt with iniquity will lose the fight. People who toe the line are always so thankful they’re free from the penalty of sin (they don’t go to hell) but they don’t walk through ardous process of sanctifiacation which enables you to consistently walk in the abundant life Jesus promised. Sin can still separate you from the presence of God. Sin is the barrier to intimacy. And if you are separated from the presence of God you will be empty.

How do we get full? OBEDIENCE

Obedience is required to get the full life. If you are constantly concerned about what is or is not a sin you’re missing the entire point of walking in victory. You have to pursue radical holiness by being obedient to the voice of God.

Pursue Christ! If I want to experience the life He promised to give then I must pursue Him! People don’t stay full because they say “yes” to Jesus once; they don’t consistently obey the Lord and they wonder why they’re not experiencing the life Jesus called them to live.

To win the fight you have to stay on your face. We have to go beyond mere knowledge. There are plenty of people who have a mental assessment of Jesus Christ, but yet they’re getting pummeled by sin. We must pursue a heart understanding of His power and glory. We must become sanctified!

Sanctification is where we come face to face with our will and choose God. We must understand our depravity, but we also must live by Jesus’ resurrection power. My desire is to be like Christ. To win the fight that is keeping me from being like Christ, I have to understand the lies that the devil is speaking and the depravity of my soul. 

UFC fighters take time to study their opponents before they fight them. The goal is to analyze their tendencies and fighting patterns so they know how to exploit them in a match. We must ask the Holy Spirit to point out anything that would hinder us from having a pure heart and a clear conscience. Remember, you’re in a fight. You have all the tools you need to win! Be great.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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