Encounter Weekend!

Encounter Weekend

The YP Encounter Weekend is this Saturday. It’s still not too late to sign up: https://southpointcc.smartevents.com/public/events/yp-encounter-weekend-2/registrations/new

We have our Encounter Weekends once every six months. These weekends are marked by the power of God. If you’re in Jacksonville PLEASE come by Southpoint Community Church. The Encounter Weekend starts at 10am tomorrow. I believe that you are going to be forever changed by this experience.


You’ve got to make yourself available to God and be willing to cooperate with Him in whatever He wishes to do in your life. Your attitude must be one of surrender, acknowledging Him as the potter who has the right to do with you whatever He chooses. If you will entrust yourself to Him, take the step of going to an Encounter, and maintain an open heart, you will have your own unique experiencing God.

Make sure you resolve any significant problems you are dealing with so you will be free to concentrate on what the Lord wants to do in you. You want to do everything in your power to make sure that you arrive at the Encounter Weekend free of worry, anxiety, or unresolved issues.

The most important thing you can do is to consciously develop an attitude of openness and transparency before the Lord. Make a deliberate step of surrender to the Lord and whatever He wants to do. Ask the Holy Spirit to remove preconceived ideas from your mind and to enable you to go as an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Allow the lord to stir up an expectancy in you that you will indeed encounter Him on your weekend. Many things will pull at you and try to distract from your purpose, but decide ahead of time that nothing will stop you from having your encounter with God.


Personal Relationship: Sometimes those we love most, such as our families and friends, are our greatest hindrances in following God. You must determine to follow your Savior, no matter what. You must give Him free reign to change you and mold you into His image without worrying about what others will think of you. You must put him first, before all others. If you bring the problems of home or relationships with you it will be easy to get distracted from what God wants to do in you.

Personal Plans and Ambitions: Don’t go on the Encounter with an agenda of your own. Some people really want God t work in their lives, but only in certain areas. Are you trying to dictate to God what to do and how to do it? To truly encounter God you must lay aside preconceived ideas of what God may or may not do.


Repentance – Most people will come face to face with their sinfulness and need for forgiveness. Perfect time and place to get right with God in any way you need to.

New Direction – Peter and Andrew encountered Jesus their lives took a drastic new direction. Opportunity for you to start on a new course.

Transformed Character – You will be forever changed in your innermost being if you will allow the Lord to have His way with you at the Encounter

Renewed Loved – You’ll experience a fresh and profound love for Jesus.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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