Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?
It’s been over 12 years now since I (Tracy) made the decision to follow Jesus. As I was reflecting on the message my pastor preached today about being a “fire starter”, it made me reflect on my life since I became a Christian in 2003.
As my pastor was sharing what it meant to be a fire starter, I began to think about the “why” to most of what I do. 
Why do I do what I do?
Why do I love meeting people?
Why do I love having people in our home?
Why do we raise our children the way we do?
Why do I read my bible and obey?
Why do I love being at church every opportunity I can?
Well, I will tell you why.  Making the decision to follow Jesus completely changed the course of my life.  It filled the empty void inside of me that was constantly searching for “something more”.
I mean Jesus set me free to choose things that give me life and not cause destruction in my life. He has given me unexplainable peace, hope for a better future, joy in the midst of the mundane of life (you know working, cleaning, cooking, paying bills etc…) He has shown me my purpose and why I am even here.  He has given me the ability to love and be loved.  AND SO MUCH MORE!  So why wouldn’t I live my life to show others this same Jesus who created them and wants to give them the same things?
One of my best friends asked me once, “Tracy it seems like you have given up so much.  Don’t you miss it?” And my answer to her was, ARE YOU KIDDING? I don’t miss any of that. Do you not see what I have gained?  Those things brought destruction, hurt, loneliness, depression, sadness to my life.  Now I have joy, community (real community), love, peace…  It’s what I was searching for through all of those other things. 
You see God sent his one and only Son to earth, to live a perfect life and to be crucified for our sins.  It is because of Jesus that you and I can have all of these things which comes from having a personal relationship with our creator. You can find the very thing He created you for… LOVE.  His LOVE.  He loves you, he created you with a specific purpose and plan.  Your personality, the way you think, everything about you is for a PURPOSE.  You find your purpose by knowing your creator.  He created you to live an abundant life here on earth.
Let me ask you a question… Are you living an abundant life full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?  Or do you feel like you are constantly searching for “something more?”
I want to encourage you to make the best decision you could make your entire life and that is to know your creator.  I promise as you experience His love for you then you will want to tell the whole world about Him too.  You will want to give your life to following Him and all He created you for.  It’s why you and I are here.
This is why I live my life with one purpose. To know my creator and to make Him known.  I want you to find what I have found. 
I pray that this blog would light a fire in your soul to want to give your life to knowing your creator and savior, Jesus Christ.
Let’s be “fire starters!”

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