My heart could explode!

I wish I were better with words. To express what is in my heart right now. It feels like it could explode. It’s full of joy, full of gratitude, hope, expectancy.
The thankfulness I have in my heart for what Jesus has done for me is overwhelming at times.

The thankfulness I have for my husband in the way that he loves me, how he brings so much energy to our family, the father he is to our sons, his desire to learn and be a better leader, Pastor and friend. His desire to be a better father and husband. His desire to be a better son and a brother. The way that he loves me and pursues me and invests in our marriage has taught me a lot about love. He’s selfless in how he invests in “us”.

Being a mom has been better than I could’ve ever imagined. Having the opportunity to raise two children has been such an honor. To love, to train, to serve. The joy they bring to our home and lives is unexplainable. I feel lucky to be a mom. I am humbled and honored that God would give me these two blessings. 

I’m thankful for my priorities. My responsibilities… to my husband, my children, family, friends and church. These are my priorities and honestly the only thing that makes my life make sense. 

As we are entering the “holiday season” I want my home and time to be filled of moments with people. People I love. People I serve. People I learn and grow from. People make my life make sense. 

I pray God would expand my ability to connect and be with people and that my life would be a blessing to them as they are to me. 

What would life without these people look like? I never want to know. 

My prayer: Jesus help me to love, serve and honor others. Help me to never withhold love from people even though many times I may get hurt. Help me to have your love for people that is unconditional. Amen. 


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