The 20/20 Experience 

Eyesight is not just simply the ability to see, but to correctly interpret what we see.  The health of our seeing depends on the health of our souls. Our ability to see well depends upon the truthfulness of our minds. God wants you to see yourself the way He sees you. As his son. As his daughter. God wants you to see beyond the horizons of culture into what he is doing on the earth through his church. God wants to give you vision to see past the dark and ominous clouds that represent the storms of life.

What you see determines what you believe
Accurate spiritual insight is paramount to believing the right things (what do you see when you read the Scriptures and how they enumerate the precious promises of Almighty God). What do you choose to see? Manfred Zimmerman, a brilliant neurophysiologist, elaborates more on this topic in his book, “Neurophysiology of Sensory Stems” He writes: Our senses receive approximately eleven million bits of information every second, but they are capable of processing only about forty bits per second. It is out of those forty bits that our brains construct our perceived reality. That is why two people can experience the same situation in diametrically opposite ways: they collect different data and so draw a remarkably different mental picture.” Part of the data that is collected is filtered through experiences in our past as well as our cognitive willingness to learn new things.

What you believe determines how you speak
If I don’t believe in the promise of God will I talk about them with confidence? Will I have that ferocious conviction that marked the great prophets of old? What I believe will certainly influence how I speak. If my spiritual eyes are blurred and my convictions waver, then I will not point others to the reality of the divine with what I say. I won’t speak of this otherworldly, living, mighty God who longs to intervene on behalf of his people.

What you speak determines what you do 
My family has had the privilege of living with Keandra Ewing for the past seven months. Every morning I hear her declaring the promises of God over her life, quoting Scripture, declaring her healing and because of that she leads a life group, disciples several girls, and constantly pours herself out to others. She’s not feeling sorry for herself; instead she is kicking down the gates of hell.

What you do ultimately determines what you have 
Do you want to have peace? Do you want to have joy? Do you want to be full of the Holy Spirit? Well, you’re going to have to take the first step and follow this wild, untamed, and loving King. I believe that as you advance God’s glorious Kingdom and throw your life into His cause, the miracles that take place in your life will astound you.
I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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