My heart goes out for the city of Orlando. The last two weeks have been one tragic event after another as the city and the nation copes with the loss of Christina Grimmie, victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub and the two-year-old boy that was killed by an alligator at Disney World.

As a Floridian, Orlando is a central hub in the state of Florida and not just geographically, but in a way emotionally. Some of my fondest memories are walking around downtown Disney or going to Universal Studios. Trace and I fell in love in Orlando.

You know you read and hear about terrorist attacks in Belgium, Paris, San Bernardino, Boston, and New York, but it feels different being so close to home – terrorism striking in your neighborhood. For a lot of Floridians, Orlando is like a second home. There are so many cultural destinations that attract not only people from the state of Florida, but all over the world to Orlando.

My heart is broken for the city and all that they have been through within the last two weeks. My prayer is that the citizens of Orlando would rally around one another and become resilient. I pray that there would be an outpouring of so much love that it would heal and mend hearts that are crushed because of the loss.



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