So How Do We Stay Outta Egypt?

Spiritually we can be straight outta Egypt, but psychologically we can stay in Egypt. We become enslaved to a certain way of thinking that is diametrically opposite of how God sees us.

So how do we stay outta Egypt?

Repentance is insdispensable. The Greek word for “repentance” in the Bible is “metanoia.” Meta – meaning outside or beyond – and noia -meaning the mind or thoughts. Think metaphysics or metanarrative. Essentially, it’s taking my thoughts beyond my normal habituation. It’s where I lift my thinking outside of the situations and circumstances that are familiar to me and concentrate on what lies ahead. I have to consistently repent and turn from my old pattern of thinking and to God. I have to cultivate an awareness of His love and promises. I must focus on who HE is and not what I’m not.

See, when I focus on who He is, I can’t help but to see myself in a different way because the Word of God says He lives inside of me. “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” When I choose to focus on His power, I will naturally see myself as stronger. When I focus on His omniscience, I can’t help but to see myself as wiser. When I declare that He is Jehovah Rappha (the God who heals) I become more confident that no matter how damaged my soul is, He is more than able to set my broken emotional bones in place and heal them.

The key to staying out of Egypt and living in victory is to cultivate an awareness of His love and grace. Receive it! His power is available. He longs to give good gifts to His children. We must avoid wandering around the wilderness of despair by keeping our eyes on Him.

Also, remember that iron sharpens iron. When others rally behind me with love, belief, and encouragement, I become energized to achieve the improbable. My horizons are stretched by the force of other’s optimism and positivity. You must surround yourself with people that are made of iron; tough, uncompromising, bold, and not willing to let you settle for mediocrity.

Finally, be grateful for the obstacle in your life. Without these problems you will never discover God’s infinite capacity to make a way out of no way and to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ask or imagine. The very experiences that you are going through our experiences God is going to use to comfort others in their time of need. You will develop a greater ability to empathize, listen, and acknowledge the limits of human understanding. You’ll speak with conviction about a God who had sustained you through similar afflictions.

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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