Men’s Style: Five Fall Outfits

Trying something new here. Looking to do a seasonal post on men’s clothing style. I am by no means a fashion expert, but I enjoy dressing up and putting some thought into the outfits that I wear. Several years ago, I worked part time at Banana Republic and absolutely loved the job. Retail is a beast, but I had fun helping guys figure out what to wear for work and other occasions. I had a full-time job in addition to the time I put in a Banana Republic. It’s strange… clothing is a bit therapeutic for me. When I would finish a long day of work, I enjoyed the change of pace of being in the store and interacting with random customers that would come in. If you know me well, then you know I absolutely love J.Crew. It’s been my favorite store for over a decade. H&M has recently grown on me as well.

Below are five fall outfits that I love and I think you’ll like too. I’ve attached a link to each clothing article so you can buy that particular piece yourself. Enjoy!

Love this slim fit navy blue suit from H&M. You have to buy the blazer and pants separately. Very affordable. Love to rock this with a bowtie. If it gets really cold, wear it with a grey v neck sweater. 

Suit: H&M navy blue blazer (pants sold separately)     Link to the suit.
Sweater: Grey slim harbor cotton v neck sweater         Link to the sweater.
Tie: H&Mm bow tie + handkerchief                                    Link to the bow tie.
Shoes: DSW                                                                                Link to the shoes.

We’re in the middle of a crazy college football season! As it gets colder, consider throwing on a sweater of your favorite college team. I like to wear more of the classic/vintage look. Just google “vintage ________ sweater” and you’ll most likely be able to find what you’re looking for. The sweatpants are from H&M. They fit great and are fantastic for wearing around the house, but also if you want to go for a bit of a sporty look when you go out. Can’t go wrong with the Reebok lifestyle classic shoes either. 

Sweater: Vintage college sweater                                  Link to Sweater.
Pants: H&M sweatpants                                                   Link to Sweatpants.
Shoes: Reebok lifestyle classic nylon                           Link to Shoes. 
Bag: S zone oversized canvas leather douffle bag    Link to bag. 

Nothing says fall like a good tweed sport coat. Consider rockin a tweed waistcoat to go with your coat. A skinny tie would look fantastic with this outfit. For pants, I’m rockin the J.Crew stretch chino in 484 fit. 

Sport Coat: Ludlow Jacket Tweed 2 Button     Link to Coat.
Vest: Grey tweed waist coat                                                       Link to Waistcoat.       
Pants: stretch chino 484                                                             Link to Pants.
Shoes: DSW.                                                                                    Link to Shoes.  

“Won’t you be my neighbor?” Gotta love Mr. Rogers. A navy blue cardigan would go well with a pair of slim fit chinos and some boat shoes. If you wanted to be extra dressy you can wear a tie with it.

Cardigan: Jcrew navy blue cardigan                    Link to Cardigan.
Shirt: jcrew button down                                        Link to Shirt.
Pants: stretch chino 484                                         Link to Pants.
Shoes: sperry memory foam boat shoes            Link to Shoes.

More of a chill look here. I love wearing this J.Crew coat with a simple v neck and some slim fit jeans. You have got to get the J.Crew Nike Waffle Racers. These are some of the most comfortable and versatile shoes. You can dress them up and throw on the chinos or rock em with sweatpants.

Coat: J Crew p coat                                               Link to Coat.    
Shirt: Hanes v neck                                             Link to Shirt.
Pants: Urban outfitters skinny jeans            Link to Jeans.
Shoes: J. Crew nike waffle racers                    Link to Shoes.

If you have any questions hit your boy up. I’ll be posting layouts of clothing on my Instagram account from time to time. Also, check out my Ivy League Style Pinterest board. 

I’m Harold Dorrell Briscoe. Thanks for reading.


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